A Journey in UX Design

Dedicated to the convergence of creativity and functionality, I’m currently mastering UX Design, blending my artistic background with a passion for simplifying human experiences. Having successfully completed the Google UX Design Certificate, I am now refining the projects from the course and building out my first comprehensive portfolio and website—a UX project in itself. With a solid foundation from the Google UX Design Certificate and ongoing learning experiences at Theorem Product Academy, I am immersing myself in both in-person mentorship and self-paced online learning. My mission is to empower lives through visually engaging and user-friendly designs. I seamlessly merge my artistic background with the principles of UX, ensuring that each design solution is visually impactful and user-centric. From fostering creativity for individuals with disabilities to managing social media operations, my diverse experiences culminate in a commitment to enhancing everyday interactions through thoughtful and impactful design solutions.

Plant ER App - Education and Diagnosis for House Plants

Problem: House plants, while beautiful, pose challenges in care. Existing online resources are cluttered, and plant care systems are complex and confusing.

Goal: Plant ER aims to provide a user-friendly app with clear navigation, concise information, and features that educate and remind users about plant care.

Solution: The Plant ER app’s user flow is designed to guide users intuitively through plant issue diagnosis. Features include symptom input and photo analysis, leading to tailored solutions. Prioritizing simplicity ensures users confidently address houseplant issues, fostering empowerment. 


Design Process for Plant ER App: In my usual creative process, I allocate ample time for exploration, experimenting with conceptual and visual elements. This unique approach has guided me throughout my progression in the UX design process, aiding in empathizing with users’ needs. My creative process informs and supports each step as I move through the defining, ideating, and prototyping. It allows me to delve into the nuances of user requirements, conceptualize design solutions, and craft prototypes that seamlessly blend artistic finesse with functional clarity. I’m actively engaged in user testing, a pivotal phase where my creative exploration meets real-world user experiences, shaping the final refinement of the Plant ER App. The commitment to creating a seamless and empowering user experience remains at the core of this design journey.


Current Project Status: I’m actively engaged in the dynamic stages of my Plant ER App project. User testing is underway, providing valuable insights for refining the user experience. Simultaneously, I’m in the process of building out the prototype, bringing the envisioned interactions to life. The next step involves creating a comprehensive mockup that encapsulates the seamless and empowering design I aim to deliver. Stay tuned for the evolution of this exciting journey!


User Research Insights/ Pain Points:

  • Overwhelmed with excessive information in existing resources.
  • Confusing and time-consuming reminder systems.
  • Challenges in finding practical solutions for plant issues.
  • Lack of user-friendly navigation in existing plant care apps.

Role: Sole UX designer responsibilities include conducting interviews, wire-framing, prototyping, usability studies, ensuring accessibility, and iterative design focusing on responsiveness.