Emotional Landscapes and a Tapestry of Artistic Expressions

My diverse artistic endeavors delve beyond traditional portraiture. From personalized commissions capturing cherished memories to evocative depictions of homes and beloved pets, I extend my brush to a varied canvas. I aim to evoke profound emotions through the dynamic strokes of landscapes, fostering a deeper connection with the world around us. Each piece, whether a portrait, a commission, or a landscape, is a testament to the power of emotions to bind us to ourselves, others, and our environment. I invite you to explore my collection, where art becomes a gateway to shared sentiment and personal resonance.


Emotive Echoes: Capturing the Soul in Chiaroscuro

Immersed in the heart of Rome during my senior year at Iowa State University, I unearthed the essence of my artistic expression. Through the College of Design Rome program, I embraced the city’s historical resonance, channeling the chiaroscuro mastery of Caravaggio into my portraiture. Using natural pigments and inspired by Caravaggio’s burnt umber technique, I crafted a series that delves into the interplay of light and dark, a visual symphony reflecting the emotional complexity of our lives. My art invites introspection, urging viewers to empathize with depicted emotions, fostering a connection to their own inner landscapes. In this exploration of human sentiment, I aspire to awaken a collective consciousness, encouraging a mindful and empathetic embrace of our shared humanity.


Sant'Angelo Bites: A Roman Culinary Journey

In the heart of Rome’s Rione XI – Sant’Angelo, where my study abroad journey unfolded, I stumbled upon a culinary gem. Daily, I sought refuge in a local haunt, captivated by its pastrami sandwiches. Infatuated with the flavors, I painted a tribute to their culinary mastery, a canvas that now graces the walls of the very restaurant. The staff, unwitting muses, became friends as I savored their creations each day. This painting captures more than food; it immortalizes the warmth of newfound friendships and the essence of Sant’Angelo’s culinary embrace. An homage to the everyday magic found in shared moments and delectable bites.


Montebuono Residency with The Bottega Projects

During my enriching artist residency with The Bottega Projects in the idyllic Montebuono, Italy, I generated a substantial body of work while actively contributing to the harvest and production of natural pigments. Imbued with a hands-on approach to sustainable art materials, my journey was characterized by a commitment to environmentally conscious artistic practices. Grounded in my general artist statement, my portraiture work, breaking down emotions into simple light and dark areas, found resonance in the serene Italian landscape. Montebuono provided a tranquil backdrop for exploring the nuances of daily emotions, fostering a profound connection between individuals and their surroundings. The collaborative spirit of The Bottega Projects added a layer of shared creativity, making the residency a harmonious blend of artistic exploration and the natural beauty of Montebuono.


Emerging Iowa Artist at the Des Moines Arts Festival 2023

As a participant in the Emerging Iowa Artist (EIA) Program, generously supported by Principal, I joined a cadre of promising visual artists contributing to a rich legacy. In 2023, the program offered a platform for five pre-professional artists, fostering their professional and artistic development while nurturing creative skills. Beyond the showcase, the experience delved into the logistical intricacies of establishing a booth at an art festival—an invaluable lesson in the business aspects of being an artist. This venture provided not only inspiration but also extensive networking opportunities, immersing me in a vibrant and supportive creative culture. The journey was a profound exploration of the artistic landscape, both within and beyond the festival scene.

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