Hello there!

I’m Emma Bolles, a dedicated and highly creative professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a keen interest in Marketing, Graphic Design, and UX. Currently, on a journey to master UX Design through courses from Theorem Product Academy and Google, I bring a diverse skill set and a passion for turning ideas into visually stunning and user-friendly experiences.

User Experience

Aspiring UX Designer blending art, project management, and marketing skills for impactful user experiences

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Connecting Creativity

Fine Art educator and Artist committed to crafting impactful user experiences through empathy and education.

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Fine Art

Investigating emotions and moods developing impactful experiences
through layered paintings and mixed media expressions.

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Content Marketing

Expertly executed content marketing strategies, driving brand visibility and engagement across roles

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Empowering through Art, Simplifying through Design

My mission is to elevate lives by creating art that connects and inspires and designing projects that simplify and enhance everyday experiences.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Iowa State University, where my major in Mixed Studio Arts and interest in Communication Studies fueled my artistic exploration. I’m currently honing my UX Design skills through interactive courses and a certificate program.

  • Project Management
  • Client Relations
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Art Instruction
  • Brand Development

From Art Supervisor fostering creativity for those with disabilities to Creative Manager handling social media operations, I embarked on transformative experiences—artist residency in Italy, backpacking across Europe, and working on a sailboat. Now settled in Chicago, I’m immersed in art and pursuing a UX Design certificate, driven by the city’s vibrant energy.