Emma Bolles

Dedicated and highly creative professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, seeking a position that leverages skills in art, project management, and marketing. Proven ability to teach, collaborate, and manage various art-related projects, contributing to organizational growth and success.

UX Design Professional Certificate 75%
Project Management 90%
Graphic Design 85%
Customer Relationship Management 95%

Art Supervisor

Cultivated support, training, and service coordination for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Developed and taught a self-designed curriculum, organized materials, and collaborated with staff and community to enhance art programming and showcase artwork.

2022 - 2023

Creative Manager

Assisted in managing the social media, website, and operations of the five record stores within the Vinyl Cup family. Streamlined the scheduling of artists and managed social media for the Oh Boy Roadshow pop-up event series, a collaboration with Oh Boy Records.

2022 – 2023

TikTok Manager and Bartender

Championed customer service and prompt, personalized drink service while fostering a welcoming atmosphere. Simultaneously, managed the bar’s TikTok account, creating engaging content and strategic campaigns that increased online visibility.

Summer 2022

Artist in Residence

Generated a substantial body of artistic work and actively sustained the harvest and production of natural pigments. Worked with a hands-on approach to sustainable art materials, resulting in a multifaceted and impactful artistic journey.

Sep 2019 - Jan 2022

Marketing Assistant

Coordinated with designers and the marketing team to perfect branding by building client RFPs, presentations, brochures, promotional videos, website design, and social media posts.

My Portfolio

Through my 5 years of my career I have been working for over 500 clients from all over the World. Thanks to my experience I am able to provide high quality services.